Valentine's Day Ideas for Six Kinds of Love in 2021

Valentine's Day Ideas for Six Kinds of Love in 2021
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Whether your 2021 is a year for Valentines or Galentines, Valentine's Day is a chance to show gratitude for the love that helps us get through difficult times. With travel out of the picture and many restaurants still closed, we're sharing some creative date ideas to make this February 14th a night to remember!

The Ancient Greeks had six words to describe different types of love, so we've put together some fun ideas to help you make the most of this Valentine's Day no matter what kind you're thankful for.

 1. Eros (Sexual Passion)

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Named after the Greek god of fertility, this deep-breathing, stomach-sinking love is the fiery passion that drives us with desire. Here are a few ideas to get your blood pumping and your heart racing this Valentine's Day!

Sexy Valentine's Day Ideas for 2021

romantic valentines day dinner

Cook a Romantic Dinner at Home

Trust us, there's a reason this classic never goes out of style! Cooking dinner for someone is a powerful expression of love that's built right into our bodies. Eating ignites all the senses and can trigger chemical responses in our bodies from satisfaction to desire. Some foods, known as aphrodisiacs, contain "feel good" compounds – spicy foods can enhance bodily sensations (just be sure to wash your hands!), while antioxidants in strawberries, pomegranates, and cherries increase blood flow.

Our advice? Take an online cooking class, light some candles, pair a nice bottle of wine with a light meal, and throw some smooth, sexy R&B on the speakers. By the time the meal's done, you're already back at yours.

valentine's day breakfast in bed

Staycation / Spa Day

While Valentine's Day 2021 won't be a time for an extravagant vacation, take a look at hotels and spas in your area. If you want to get a couple's massage or a slight change of scenery, many of these hard-hit businesses are offering COVID-safe specials to locals hoping to release some tension.


2. Philia (Deep Friendship)

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Deep loyalty, making sacrifices for one another, sharing and supporting each others' emotions. Many people, even those with partners, consider friendship the most important love in their life. This Galentine's Day, bring your bubble together and have a little fun to celebrate the gals!

Galentine's Day Ideas for 2021

girly movie night

Rom-Com Movie Night

Break out a bottle of wine (or two... or three), make a tray of heart shaped cookies, and snuggle up with your closest friends. Laugh and cry with your best gals to a beautiful, cheesy flick that reminds you why you're spending the day together.

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COVID-Safe Dance Party

Just because the clubs aren't open, doesn't mean you can't get ready together and dance the night away at home! Get that one perfect playlist ready, mix up some Quarantinis, and bust a move at the hottest club in town – wherever you and your girls are!


3. Ludus (Playful Love)

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If we've learned one thing from the dance floor... or Tinder... or college... it's that sometimes casual affection is seriously important. Even while we're social distancing, you may be able to find a romantic Valentine's Day that comes without too much commitment!

Casual Valentine's Day Ideas for 2021

couple at skating rink

Ice Skating

This fun, flirty date idea is classic romance that you can enjoy with a partner old or new. Get all bundled up and glide along gently in the crisp winter air, then cozy up with a cup of hot chocolate. This perfect casual date is cheap, sweet, and gives you a chance to chat.

Have a Zoom Date

About as low-commitment as you can get, catch up with an old flame or a new interest over the computer – if you can't be together, this is the next best thing! Plan to order the same thing for dinner, set the mood, and voila! A socially-distanced date night.


4. Agape (Love For Everyone)

Though we often think of Valentine's Day as being a day for partners, the love we share with the world is one of the most fulfilling. Expressing our care for the planet and the people around us can also be a powerful way to develop bonds in personal relationships.

Charitable Valentine's Day Ideas for 2021

Volunteer With Your Favourite Charity

Whatever cause means the most to you and your partner, charitable organizations need volunteers now more than ever. Carve out some time in your schedule where the two of you can volunteer at a local food bank, animal shelter, advocacy organization, or anywhere else you can think of!

Make a Donation

Many of the same hospitality and tourism industry organizations you're unable to visit this year have been hit hard by the pandemic, as have their employees. While you're spending this Valentine's Day at home, consider the money you would've normally spent on a trip or a fancy dinner and make a donation to those in need.


5. Pragma (Long Standing Love)

As anyone who's been in a long-term relationship knows, there's a lot of hard work involved. The patience and generosity we show to those we share our lives with is a beautiful thing that deserves to be celebrated. Here are a few ways to show the depth of your commitment this Valentine's Day!

Thoughtful Valentine's Day Ideas for 2021

Recreate Your First Date at Home

Remembering cherished moments is a perfect way to show a long-term partner how special they are to you. Decorate the house like the first restaurant you went to, put together a scrapbook of special memories – get creative! Acknowledging how far you've come can be a magical way to celebrate where you are.

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Gather All Your Partner's Favourites

Whether it's favorite foods from around the city, favorite flowers, or one of your favorite scents in a candle, show your partner how well you know them by gathering all their favorite things together in one place.


6. Philautia (Love of Self)


This all-important type is the root of our ability to love anyone else. It's only when we trust, believe in, and know how to forgive ourselves that we're able to share those feelings with the people around us. For those flying solo this Valentine's Day, here are a few ideas for treating yourself to a self-care date night.

Self-Love Valentine's Day Ideas for 2021

Get Yourself A Gift

You're worth it! This Valentine's Day, come up with gift ideas you've been craving. Being generous with yourself is a beautiful reminder to care for the person who takes care of you every day!

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Whether you stay in or go out, treat yourself to some of your favourite products that relax and rejuvenate you – remember to show yourself tenderness and gratitude!

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